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Thanks for stopping by! If you’re here it’s because you want to know all the latest “Hollywood” gossip about our upcoming film “To Make a Beginning”.  Well, Hedda Hopper we aren’t. But our updates page can provide you all the latest news as we move closer to our Grand Premier. 

We plan on posting updates here as they happen.  There are all kinds of catchy weekday events…like Taco Tuesday, or Freaky Fridays.  Somehow we just can’t come up with one that applies. WAIT….Movie Update Monday……MUM…. If you don’t see it here …. find it on Facebook!

That’s it.  We won’t be mum about posting. 

We think our marketing department needs one of COL Abolt’s Juleps….. 

To Make a Beginning”. A 7th Productions film in conjunction with the Musée de Venoge! Premiering Summer of 2020.

May 25, 2020

Happy Memorial Day!

Last Sunday we finished up filming the principal parts of our film “To Make a beginning”.  All the ‘parts’ assembled at the Thiebaud Farmstead, loaned for the occasion by the Switzerland County Historical Society. Our thanks to Martha Bladen who again was generous with the facility and her time!

Erica Coulter played Fanny Weaver as an adult and Jerry Wallin, fresh from his stint as the accomplished hunter in another scene, played a widower with four children…. that’s all we can divulge right now! 

Our writer and director, Steve Abolt flew in from Georgia to make sure we did it right…and then to tell us “That was perfect! Do it again!”  We did.

Donna Weaver filmed and Betsy Lyman assisted with directing and lighting. Maddie Coulter, Erica's daughter, wanted to get her feet wet in the film making world.  We were happy to oblige.  She was a great help! 

The iris were in perfect bloom so we made them part of the production. "You there...the iris with multi colors...we can make you a star!"  They refused to sign a release, being devoid as they were of fingers, but I’m sure they are copyright free.   Rain was predicted but it held off until we finished at 5. 

The grass and trees at the Thiebaud were in a lush state of new green.  Our show has been able, over the last year, to capture all four seasons of the year.  They really help to tell the story of the Weaver family by the changes of the year as related to the lives of our characters.

Steve was in town for five days. During that time, he put together the final rough edit of the film, with Donna's fingers flying over the keyboard manipulating the editing software program. (The amazing thing is neither killed each other. We think all those 1840 Juleps our two stars Brian Cushing and Amy Liebert showed Steve how to mix, were a prime factor in eliminating mass carnage in the edit suite.) 

The entire film is now cut together and in the hands of our composer, Michael Thompson.  Michael is making the notes for his score....composers do that you know....  Within the next few weeks he will be in the studio recording his original score for our original film! What he has composed so far is musical magic.

Now all that remains is for Steve and Joe to get up here one more time.  We will then film Steve's on camera bits. He is already demanding a box to stand on so he can be taller than the Venoge kitchen table. Then his segments will get plugged into the edit, along with Michael s music and VOILA! after a year of working on "To Make a Beginning" we are about "To Make it Done!"

We are on the verge of announcing our premiere date, so keep your August free.  Can't divulge more than that at present.  But a grand time is planned. You won't want to miss it! That big announcement is coming soon!

To Make a Beginning...premiering...this Summer.  So stay tuned!

May 11, 2020

Our composer Michael Rennels Thompson has been busy composing the original score for our film. The main theme was written by him back in February.  Since then he has been expanding and refining the melody as well as other accompanying musical background pieces.

For the last two weekends he was working at Donna Weaver's house. Watching the current rough cut of the film Michael composed melodies timing them to certain sections. 

On May 2nd Michael was looking for some inspiration to aid in his composing.  He suggested they drive over to the Jacksonville Cemetery in Switzerland county.  That's where Jacob and Charlotte Weaver, the main characters in our film, are buried.

Michael wanted to see the place.  He thought sitting at Charlotte's grave might give him some melodic ideas.

He and Donna set off.  Donna had her camera.  Our dictatorial director had "instructed" her to get some B roll, plus maybe a few shots of Michael playing. (As a side note have you ever noticed while the rest of us work for a living, musicians "play" for theirs....). 

Arriving at cemetery they discovered high winds and brought down a huge cedar limb on top of Charlotte's grave.  Michael began clearing away the debris.  Donna was filming.

Exhausted he then sat down and started playing the main love theme and..... well lets just say we have created a special 1 minute music video of Michael with some scenes from the film.  So be sure to look for it.  It's cut together.  Now Michael just needs to record the final audio track. That update to this update is still to come.

So Venoge Friends and Fans how’s that for our first Update?  I'd say we made a pretty good beginning! 

"To Make a Beginning"
coming this summer.

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