Registration Muster at Venoge 1812
June 20-21, 2015
Saturday 10-5 Sunday 12-5

You must be pre-registered by June 7th to attend.

Mid-day dinner and supper on Saturday, Mid-day dinner on Sunday provided
Water is scarce, so please bring what you will use
All participants must dress in appropriate 1812 attire
No fee

If you are new to the site, please send a photo of yourself and describe your trade/station to the
address or email below for approval.


Address ___________________________________________________________________________


Phone ____________________________ Cell______________________________________________

Unit/trade ___________________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Person and number__________________________________________________


Tent Type _____________________________How many in your party__________________________

Names _____________________________________________________________________________

Tent Width in Feet (Including Ropes)___________Length in Feet (Including Ropes)_______________

Venoge has right to eject any person for bad behavior. I agree that Musee de Venoge, Inc. is not liable for loss, damage, of injury to myself or my property during the 1812 Muster at Venoge 2015 and release Musee de Venoge, Inc. from all liability.

___________________________________________________ ________________________________

Signature                                                                              date

RETURN TO: Venoge c/o Donna Weaver, 4569 East State Road 56, Vevay, IN 47043
Or email to

Venoge is a 501 (c)( 3) organization and as volunteer you may deduct your car mileage on your Federal taxes, if you itemize.